Firman W03382 3300W Electric Start Portable Inverter Generator

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Firman W03382 3300W Electric Start Portable Inverter Generator Features:

FIRMAN W03382 3300W Portable Generator Features:

  • The FIRMAN W03382 is a Whisper Series gasoline portable inverter generator designed for home, camping or tailgating. It is powered by a FIRMAN 193cc OHV engine with a 3600 RPM maximum.
  • This 120 60 Hz generator produces 3650 Starting Watts and 3300 Running Watts. 
  • With its Whisper Series muffler, this lightweight inverter runs as quietly as an air conditioner at 58dB, well within National Park Service sound level standards.
  • Using the built-in Parallel Kit, this FIRMAN inverter generator can be easily connected to others to double or even triple the power output.
  • The engine uses a splash lubrication system which extends maintenance intervals. The engine automatically shuts down when the detected oil level is low.
  • The Control Panel is compact and user-friendly with a digital display monitoring voltage, frequency and running time. It also incorporates power, low oil, and overload indicator lights.
  • The FIRMAN W03382 has a steel fuel tank that stores 1.8 gallons of unleaded gasoline. On a full tank, at 50% load, it will run for 9 hours, and at a 25% load for 12 hours.
  • This unit produces premium quality electricity with less than 3% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), which is ideal for charging sensitive electronics such as laptops, tablets, and cell phones.
  • The generator has an Economy Control Switch that converts to it to a more fuel-efficient mode.
  • This model is shipped with free engine oil, free oil funnel, 12V battery cable, and free spark plug wrench for convenient set-up.
  • The lightweight WO3382 is easy to transport and maneuver with its 5" flat-free rubber wheels and sturdy U-shaped folding handle.
  • Receptacles include: (2) 5-20R 20A-120V, (1) DC Outlet 12V8.3A, (1) TT-30R 30A-120V, (1) USB 5VDV.
  • This model is EPA, CARB, and CETL certified and can be used in all 50 states.
  • The FIRMAN W03382 carries a 3-year limited residential warranty and a 90-day commercial warranty.  

The FIRMAN W03382 is a lightweight portable Whisper Series model that is perfect for home, camping, and tailgating. The built-in parallel kit allows you to double your power by paralleling with another FIRMAN inverter. This quiet running generator meets National Park Service campground requirements, and you can use it in forested areas even in drier weather. When you use it with your RV, it will power your mini-fridge, air conditioner, heater, microwave, laptop, lights and fans. The USB 5V and 12V DC outlets will charge your small electronics such as cell phones and tablets. 

On a primitive camping or hunting trip, the FIRMAN W03382 will prove to be a welcome and reliable partner. Use it to run the coffee maker, slow cooker, mosquito repellent lantern, lights and fan. At home, it will keep the lights on when there is a power outage. You can also run the refrigerator, TV, music player, and all your kitchen appliances to carry on with the day without disruption. The family can stay safely indoors when the weather outside is threatening.  You can run this unit for 12 hours without refueling and it will keep you comfortable and secure at work, home and play.  

The FIRMAN W03382 has an EPA-certified engine with a 20% longer operating life than the competition. Affordable cost, light weight, fuel efficiency, less than 3% THD, and other useful safety features make the WO3382 the top choice for those seeking reliable, affordable user-friendly portable power. FIRMAN builds products that last. All FIRMAN products are supported by a nationwide dealer network and a 24/7 call center.