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What should I ask before doing business with a generator dealer?

Buying a generator is a very important purchase since you count on your generator to provide essential backup power when you need it most. You don't want to buy from just any company since you need to make sure you are getting the right product at the best price. Fortunately, with a little bit of research, you can find the right generator dealer and the right product so you will end up with a generator that is as reliable as you would hope for.

Before doing business with a generator dealer, some of the key questions to ask include:

• Are you an authorized reseller?

You want to make sure that you are getting your generator from a dealer that has authorization from the manufacturer to sell the brand of generator that you are interested in buying This will ensure that your generator comes with the full manufacturers warranty and that it is a legitimate, top-quality product.
• What brands do you carry?

There are different brands of generators out there and you want to ensure that you buy from a generator dealer that has trusted, well-respected brands that you can count on to be reliable. For example, Generac has been a leader in the backup power business for decades and Generac Generators are very well-thought of in the industry. A dealer that carries Generac Generators and other reliable brands will give you a good selection of products that you can count on.
• Do you also carry parts?

While your generator should run well for a long time if you buy the right brand, it is also useful to ensure that you can buy parts in the future if you need to make repairs. Buying your generator from a company that also carries generator parts will help you to ensure that you can get the parts you need when you need them.
• Have you been in business for a while?

A company that has managed to stay in business for a long time is obviously doing something right. A long-track record of running a generator company means that the dealer likely offers good customer service and good products at great prices. Buying from an unknown or new dealer is taking a gamble that you might not wish to take with something as important as a generator.
• Do you offer customer support and assistance?

Buying a generator can be a complex process as you need to determine what type of generator is right for your needs. You want to make sure that the company you are buying from can answer questions and give technical advice so you will end up with the right product. A technical support team that can review your power needs, for example, will be invaluable in choosing a generator to buy.
• Do you have reviews or testimonials?

A good generator company should have reviews and testimonials from past satisfied customers.

By asking these questions of a generator company that you are considering buying from, you can become a better informed consumer that makes a smart shopping choice.


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