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Generac’s Best Selling Home Standby Generator: Generac Model 7043

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For the homeowner who prefers convenience, a whole house generator is the only way to go. The generator package comes with the 22kW generator and a 200AMP Service Entrance Rated NEMA 3R Transfer Switch. No busted knees from stumbling through a dark garage to find extension cords. No worries about spilling gasoline on a hot generator when it needs a refill. The Generac 7043 solves all of these problems and others buy transferring from utility power to backup power seamlessly. Here’s a list of some of its most convenient features:

Automatic Transfer Switch

The Generac Model 7043 constantly monitors your power supply. When a power outage occurs, it automatically starts itself and begins sending power throughout your home. Your electrical outlets work the same as any other day, and when power is restored to your area, the generator knows when to turn itself off, too.

Quiet Operation

At only 67 decibels, the Generac Model 7043 is about 30 percent quieter than most gasoline-powered lawn mowers. Since few people stand as close to their generators as they do to their mowers, more distance means even less sound can be heard by you and your neighbors.

Reliable and Durable

The last thing anyone wants in their yard is a large rusting generator. The Generac Model 7043 avoids corrosion with a Rhino Coat powder-coated finish on an aluminum enclosure. It can also withstand up to 150 mph winds, equal to the force of a Category 4 hurricane. Generac stands behind the craftsmanship of the 7043 with a 5-year limited warranty and provides customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year.

Low Fuel Consumption, High Power Output

The Generac Model 7043 is operated using propane or natural gas, and features the lowest-cost-per-kilowatt MSRP of all residential standby units. Propane provides 22kW of power (19.5kW using natural gas), which is more than enough to keep a medium-sized home running smoothly.

Aside from the conveniences the Generac 7043 provides when you are home, it can also be just as helpful when you are away. The optional Mobile Link Remote Monitor allows owners to access the status of their generator from a smartphone, laptop or just about any device with an internet connection.

If convenient, reliable, whole house power is your priority during an outage, the Generac Model 7043 is among the best insurance plans when storms approach.