QwikPad 5" Mounting Pad for Kohler 14 & 20kW Air Cooled Generators

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QwikPad 5" Mounting Pad for Kohler 14 & 20kW Air Cooled Generators Features:

QwikPad  QT8240 5" Mounting Pad For Kohler 14 & 20kW Generators Features: 

  • The QT8240 Mounting Pad is designed to resist 180 mph + winds and wind pressure of 66.2 PSF. It is engineered and fabricated for durability and reliability.
  • The QT20XXX series is Hurricane-Zone NFPA37 Compliant. It safely secures your Kohler air-cooled generator so high-velocity winds do not damage it.
  • QwikPad QT8240 is a plastic base pad that is lightweight for easy transportation. The base pad comes with a gel that hardens when water is added to it. Corrosion-proof steel bolts are used to secure the pad. It comes with mounting hardware required for Kohler standby generators.
  • The generator support pad weighs 46 lbs. when purchased, but when water is added the weight increases to 330 lbs. That is almost 50 lbs more than concrete rivals on the market.
  • The Roto-molded design supports the weight of the generator even when it is not filled.
  • The material used in the construction of the pad is UV-resistant which makes it longer-lasting. It can withstand all outdoor elements and conditions, including sub-zero temperatures.
  • QwikPad QT8240 integrates with optional ground and concrete anchors that provide added hurricane protection in storm areas where supplemental protection is warranted. This mounting pad works only with Kohler RES/RCA generators and ships only with a Kohler generator. 
  • The QwikPad 5" Mounting Pad is compliant with Section 4.1.4 and Section A. of the Annex of NFPA37 (2018), Standard for the Installation and Use of Stationary Combustion Engines and Gas Turbines.
  • The model is supported by a 90-day limited warranty. 

A generator is an investment and always requires proper installation. In severe storm-prone areas, you need to situate the unit securely so it will give you good performance during and after adverse weather events. A whole-house Kohler generator is an ideal choice with its reliability and high performance. If you have a Kohler 14kW or a 20kW model, the QwikPad QT8240 will be the optimal choice for a base pad. It is rated for winds of 180 MPH+ and exceeds Miami-Dade County hurricane requirements. With the Kohler air-cooled generator always on stand-by, you will never again be left in the dark. foods will remain fresh in the refrigerator, and you can continue to run the air conditioning for as long as it may take for grid power to be restored. 

Pouring a concrete base can be time-consuming and messy. Instead, you can use the QwikPad QT8240. It is heavier than concrete as installed and will never crack, sag or chip like a poured concrete base. This base pad is easy to fill and bolt into the mounting surface. Kohler generators can be installed on a 3-inch, 4-inch, or 5-inch pad. The thicker the base pad, the better the protection against gusty winds and wind pressure.  The roto-molded design of this base pad outperforms concrete pads in every measurable respect. It is well-engineered and takes only 10 minutes to install. When you are looking for quality and durability, the QwikPad QT8240 will be the easy best choice. It is specifically sized for units in the Kohler RES/RCA Generators series.