PSP LS10114 CX Series Universal Load Management

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PSP LS10114 CX Series Universal Load Management Features:

The CX Series Load Management panel with latching relays is an universal load shedding system that works with ANY generator or transfer switch in managing 4 circuits from 20 to 100 Amps each and up to 2 HVAC systems using low voltage circuits.


  • Field programmable using installer programming tool
  • Utilizes CT inputs for precision load management and to reduce the possibility of overloading generators
  • Program adjustments include: generator available amperage, start up delay, amperage of each load
  • Utilizes Magnetic Latching Relays eliminating the normal humming, chattering and heat associated with contactors
  • Compact flush mount version fits inside of studs and optional flush mount cover extends 3/4” past edge of can on all 4 sides for finished walls
  • 5 year warranty on Magnetic Latching Relays