Ronk Type 4PS-OF Econo-Phase Shifter for 3-75HP, 480V Motor

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Ronk Type 4PS-OF Econo-Phase Shifter for 3-75HP, 480V Motor Features:

The Ronk ECONO-PHASE ® Shifter is a cost effective, high efficiency phase converter for use in single motor applications. Unlike many of competitors' static converters, our heavy duty converters utilize run capacitors to maintain maximum current on all three phases. The ECONO PHASE® converter capacitors are sized on the actual horsepower rating of the motor, rather than trying to operate a range of horsepower ratings with a fixed amount of capacitance. This design allows motors at the upper range of their rating not to be short of capacitance when operating in a heavily loaded condition. Because of the run capacitor design in the ECONO-PHASE® converter, they will generally operate most motors at full load as needed and provide ¾ load on a continuous basis. The ECONO-PHASE® converter is ideal for drill presses, grinders, mills, saws and other machine or woodworking equipment. Due to the unique design of the ECONO-PHASE® converter it is a proven performer for use on Pump jack applications in the oil and gas industry where Design D motors are typically used. These units utilize extra heavy components matched to the surging loads and ability to operate continuously, as needed, in these applications due to the high peak voltage that can occur when the motor runs over-speed in the down stroke and acts as a generator. The Type 4PS-OF models convert a single phase 480 Volt to a three phase 480 Volt.